Adam from Hangair: Declaration first, then backflip

„Hangair was created in the pub.“ says Adam Graňák, co-founder of a sports hall in Bratislava, which deals with community sports that are not entirely traditional. Skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, scootering, biking and many others. All of this can be practiced in Hangair. In the interview, you will find out whether it‘s possible to learn, for example, a backflip on a snowboard in a few months, or who was the chosen one to try new jumps. 

2020-08-17 | Horsefeathers/ Renata

Aleš Kuchyňka from Kiboko Paddleboards - all year summer

„I live in boardshorts.“ says Aleš Kuchyňka, a passionate board sports enthusiast who has been having a summer all year. He is a founder of the successful paddleboard company Kiboko and his dream is to spend as much time in the water and on the waves as possible. And how is he fullfiling that? You‘ll learn more in the following interview.

2020-07-27 | Horsefeathers/ Renata

Phil Hackett X Horsefeathers collabo

„Skateboarding is my muse.“ says Phil Hackett, talented freelance illustrator and skateboarder from Great Britain. He created a series of T-shirts, underwear, socks and skate decks for the actual Horsefeathers collection. How did he get to the art? And would he describes himself as an artist who skateboards or rather as a skateboarder who creates? You’ll find out in the interview!

2020-07-01 | Horsefeathers/Renata

Eiki Helgason In His Natural Habitat

Our teammate Eiki Helgason is mostly known mostly his career as a snowboarder. Except for snowboarding, he masters skate and snowskate too. But, did you know he recently built a fresh new indoor skatepark in his hometown Akureyri? And do you think he rides on horses like a pro-cowboy? Well, we went for a visit to his natural habitat, asked him about his skateboarding life and this crispy interview is out for you!

2020-06-24 | Sara

Canada Kripl Trip

„We are all equal on bicycles and my handicap disappears." says Michal Kosík who went to canadian Whistler with Dan Bařák to chase their dream and ride one of the best and largest bike parks in the world. They made a documentary out of it, called Kripl Trip.

2020-06-18 | Horsefeathers/Renata

Girl Squad trip Bali

The destination of our last Girl Squad trip was Bali. Indonesian island located on the opposite hemisphere of the Earth about 20 hours' flight and four to ten on-board mini wine bottles away. But why did we went there? We came here for a GirlSquad trip to enjoy nature, ocean, monkeys, waves, and everything in between. So, come on with us, and let's have fun!

2020-05-11 | Girl Squad / Renata

#StayHome with Måns Hedberg

Måns Hedberg is our Swedish fella and an indispensable part of the HF crew. And so our last quick interview #StayHome with... we created with him. Put the finger in the nose, or not? That is the question… And why is the life in Sweden not so hard right now anyway? Read, enjoy, and get some of that May sun at your balcony or outside in nature.

2020-05-07 | Sara

#StayHome with Daisuke Watanabe

From Europe to... Japan! Our Japanese rider Daisuke Watanabe is at home, same as everyone else, but their situation doesn't look so bad for them at all. Just promise to Daisuke, and to us, that you won't forget to wash your hands! That is something very important there, and let's be clear, it should be also everywhere in the world. Daisuke is a funny guy, and you will definitely enjoy our next part of #StayHome with...

2020-05-02 | Sara

Thanks to you, our new Spring/Summer 2020 collection is doing great

We are looking forward to every new collection. On the drop day, we look forward to your reactions. Months of our work turn into real feelings. We see what you like and of course, what you don't. This is for us the greatest reward and feedback. But in the last few weeks, we have been living in complicated times, which started just at the moment of the drop of our new Spring/Summer 2020 collection. We felt disappointed that the new collection would get disappear because of what's happening. Fortunately, the frustration quickly turned into a surprise. Thanks! Thanks to you, our new Spring/Summer 2020 collection is doing great.

2020-04-27 | Horsefeathers

#StayHome with Egor Chebanov

Who is a better cook than before the COVID-19? If you raised your hand up, you are on the same level as our Russian rider Egor Chebanov. Cooking is one of the things that he does at home every day right now. What more he told us about himself and how the situation looks in a huge country as Russia is? Read our next #StayHome, and have fun!

2020-04-25 | Sara

Horsefeathers Design Contest 2020

Based on our legendary Design Contests, we announce the Horsefeathers Design Contest 2020. Create a Horsefeathers artwork, win a € 400 gift voucher, and your design will be part of a special drop. The unique chance to become part of the Horsefeathers story is here again!

2020-04-20 | Horsefeathers

#StayHome with Maxim Habanec

Skateboarders are lucky enough to go out and skate even the Coronavirus times. At least in the Czech Republic. We asked one of the best skateboarders and our rider in one, Maxim Habanec, about his relationship with the Corona, and how did it change his everyday life. Another great interview and tips for you guys are just below. Read, get motivated, and enjoy!

2020-04-18 | Sara

#StayHome with Girl Squad

Internet, music, food! Just a few the must-haves at home right now for our girls from the Girl Squad. How are Adriana, Kater, and Renata spending their time during quarantine? What are their essentials, daily routines, favorite people to spend their time with, and how the virus affected their plans? Read next "Stay Home With...", and get some more ideas!

2020-04-09 | Sara

#StayHome with Halldór Helgason

Doing yoga, washing hands all day long, or watching PornHub premium, these are just a few tips from Halldór Helgason how to survive at home. Another week with a virus affecting our everyday lives passed, and we are here with the next part of our "Stay Home" tips answered by our riders. Follow this interview with Halldór, and get some great ideas from him.

2020-04-02 | Sara

#StayHome with Steve Gruber

Our rider Steve Gruber started his snowboarding path when I was around two years old (1992) and he is still ripping hard! His approach to life and snowboarding defines him as a person who fits perfectly with the HF family. Nowadays, we are going through tough times, most of us are stuck at home and to prevent boredom people do many things. Some are like Steve - sleeping longer as usually, or stretch and train to stay in good condition. But let's see what other life hacks and tips have Steve for us for these lockdown days.

2020-03-24 | Sara

Girls Squad Snowboard Trip

Girls got their own rules, own ways and own adventures. Let us take you to one of them. We hit the slopes, chased the last of powder, drank some beers, sang Spice Girls songs and rocked that trip as the proper girl’s squad should. Check it out!

2020-03-11 | Renáta Pospisilova

Horsefeathers Kids Snowboard Tour - Project Kaprun

We took the five best riders of this season´s Horsefeathers Kids snowboard tour to amazing snowboard camp organised by Czech Snowboard school at Kaprun glacier – Project Kaprun.

2020-03-10 | Matej Novotny

Horsefeathers X Max Habanec Skate & Create Signature Line 2019

Skateboarding has always been much more than a sport, by allowing everyone to find a unique approach to creativity and style. With no boundaries drawn, the personal experience is the main essence and this is the main idea behind Horsefeathers X Max’s Skate & Create Signature line. Before we introduse the individual parts of this year’s cooperation, we asked Max a few questions.

2020-03-09 |

Horsefeathers King of Jib 2020 rocked!

Riders that kill with their skills. And that is just a short explanation of what happened during the Horsefeathers King of Jib 2020 at K2 snowpark Vítkovice. If you didn't come, you missed a lot, but stay calm, read this short report, watch the evil video, check epic pictures, and get in the mood.

2020-02-27 | Horsefeathers

Tyler Chorlton introducing the #addictedtopowder line

Our family member Tyler Chorlton is awesome powder rider with own style. That's what we all know. So we talked. A little bit about Tyler, but mostly about our ATP a.k.a. #AddictedToPowder line.

2020-01-20 | Horsefeathers

Lucas Beaufort X Horsefeathers Collabo

When we were thinking about whom to create something special for this year's collection, one of the first names we thought was Lucas Beaufort.

2019-10-17 | Horsefeathers


Welcome to the family, Halldór! This is going to be one hell of a ride.

2019-10-15 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Praděd cruisin´

Cruising with the crew is always fun. So, we took the boys to our local hill to have some fun on the side-hits, snake runs and bombing down the woods. It was a good “back to the roots” trip!

2019-10-10 | Horsefeathers

My favourite Color is Beer

The Beer Inspired collection is also missing this year. The new designs again include our next favorite message. What is this year? My Favourite Color is Beer!

2019-07-17 | Horsefeathers

Sex Sells

Collaboration of three subjects, Kaleidoscope x Horsefeathers x Helgasons, gave rise to a collection of T-shirts and skateboards, with motifs inspired by the English punk scene of the 70's and Norwegian black metal.

2019-07-02 | Horsefeathers

27 Unique Maxim Habanec Deck Belts

Based on Max’s idea Skate & Create and the idea of Deck Belt, we present you our unique and patented project once again this year again. Check out the current collection of Max‘s limited belts, made from his skateboard decks.

2019-06-24 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Skate & Create sessions with Maxim Habanec

For the second year in a row, we bring to you the results of the collaboration with our skate team rider; Maxim Habanec, who is behind this year´s Horsefeathers Skate & Create Signature Line. This year we went for a tour around Czech Republic, together with Max for a simple reason – to meet Max´s fans, go skateboarding and win ome products from Max´s brand new collection in the #skateXcreate session. Let´s have a closer look at our stops in three different cities around The Czech Republic.

2019-06-11 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers summer cruisin´

Wintertime is slowly coming to it´s end, spring shred is in full swing and so it´s the right time to check out our newest collection for the upcoming Spring and Summer time. What you can look forward to? There are many special features you will fall in love with. Let´s dig into it!

2019-03-19 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers King of Jib 2019

The legendary Czech jibbing event with a completely new setup went down on Saturday the 2nd at the Horsefeathers Jib Playground at K2 Snowpark, Vitkovice. Five qualified riders and two wild cards were invited to the final session to not only split 20.000CZK but to produce as much sick content as possible.

2019-03-11 | Horsefeathers

Zoltan Strcuľa - Board Across Slovakia!

Do you like travelling? Do you like snowboarding? Do you know Slovakia? What about connecting these things together and going on tour? We would like to introduce to you the Board Across Slovakia project whose founder is our Slovak rider Zoltan Strcula.

2019-02-25 | Horsefeathers

Egor Chebanov Full Part 2018

When you are 10 years old and want to snowboard, but there is one problem -you have no lift in your home town, what would you do? Would you start to ride streets as our rider Egor Chebanov? Egor is our international rider from Perm in Russia and because he had never any mountains around, streets became his destiny. He is well known in Russia, but maybe not so much in Europe. Well, here is full part from the Aspect movie is being released and we interviewed him to find out

2019-02-18 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Young Blood - Timon Matena

A only 12 years old and already a lover of skateboarding, surfing and especially mountains and snowboarding. In cooperation with the, we interviewed our Rookie team member - Timon Matena.

2019-02-15 | Horsefeathers

The Horsefeathers Kids Tour 2019 and its next stops!!

The Horsefeathers Kids Snowboard Tour 2019 is fully on, but before you will attend its next stop, let's refresh its concept and rules. We also interviewed the last year winner Laura Záveská.

2019-02-07 | Horsefeathers

A Couple Finnish Minutes - Full Part by Antti Jussila

Hi, I am Antti Jussila and I am… Finnish snowboarder. This is just so Antti. Luckily we got more from him in the interview. About himself and also about his latest releasing street part.

2019-01-24 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Sneak the Tweak 2018

Something unreal happened in the Czech Republic last week. The most iconic snowboarders arrived to a small family resort in Czech – Areal Moniec to shred with locals for The second edition of Horsefeathers Sneak the Tweak

2018-12-11 | Horsefeathers

MODERATE – full part by Kasper de Zoete

Our boy Kasper just released his insane street full part. There is more to say about this young gun so sit, relax and enjoy the video and reading.

2018-11-30 | Horsefeathers

Måns Hedberg - Mr. Stylish and never bored Swedish boy

Snowboarding is as good as sex for him and we are stoked that he is part of the Horsefeathers family.

2018-11-17 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Beer Inspired

You already know it, we love beer! And we love products with beer inspired graphics and small hidden beer features...

2018-05-15 | Horsefeathers

Behind the scenes of Horsefeathers (IN)VISIBLE ad

Head backstage and see the making of our brightest ad ever!

2018-04-27 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Spring 2018 collection

Get to know our latest collection and join us in our spring stoke!

2018-04-13 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers riders in Never too late movie

Check out the full parts of our boys; Dušan, Horis and Zoltan, who joined in a unique Czech-Slovak snowboarding project.

2018-03-01 | Horsefeathers

Horsefeathers Elbows and Edges by Tyler Chorlton

Let us guide you through this funky carving tour around Europe. Ready, steady, carve!

2018-02-23 | Horsefeathers

HORSEFEATHERS KIDS SNOWBOARD TOUR 2020 -Kaprun’s camp video challenge

Here is the list of all sign in videos for our Kaprun’s camp contest

| Matej Novotny

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