Horsefeathers King of Jib 2020 rocked!

2020-02-27 | Horsefeathers

Riders that kill with their skills. And that is just a short explanation of what happened during the Horsefeathers King of Jib 2020 at K2 snowpark Vítkovice. If you didn't come, you missed a lot, but stay calm, read this short report, watch the evil video, check epic pictures, and get in the mood.

Even the weather forecast for this weekend looked pretty sad, the sky was crying only on Friday, and Saturday came out super crispy. We wish to say the same about riders, which let's say it straight, like to party a bit. But there are no kings without acting like the kings, and so, we saw the show you probably wouldn't expect.

The atmosphere at K2 snowboard park was hyped af thanks to the mix of the 17 jibbers from Czech - Dan PorkertOndra PorkertDarek BergmannDan PaulíčekTomáš CísařFilip ZnamenáčekRoman DlauhýMiki PajerTomy HazeFilip LuckýKartmanŠtěpán Průša and Eda Klíma, Slovakia - Zoltán Strcuľa, and Poland - Kamil Knop and Michal Matuszewskiand thanks to the music from Red Bull Saurus truck.

A lot of sick tricks went down that day during the two hours jam session by form riders to riders with the final word from judges and organizers. The first hour, where guys could jib anything on the Horsefeathers Jib playground, went insane, and so we settled the second one, including the tricky caravan, the same as other king obstacles. We can't forget to say huge thanks to the  Freestyle area crew and their work on the K2 snowboard park.

And tricks? Uff, a lot went down. Zolo and his backflip from the caravan, cab 450 to boardslide on the double king, or cab 180 to 50-50 backside 360 out on the zet rail. But we also want to mention Dan Paulíček, who maybe didn't win, but his tricks and performance were just unbelievable. For example, frontside boardslide on the Zet rail?! Or frontside 180 to tailpress over the roof with switch noseslide pretzel out on the caravan?!

The Horsefeathers King of Jib was full of positive vibrations, and we can just say that everything makes sense as long as you do it with your heart and passion for snowboarding. And some good prize money, in this case, we are talking about 10000CZK .
And so there is no doubt about Horsefeathers King of Jib 2021.

Stay hyped, read the results, and enjoy the memories captured by photos and video.


1st. place - Ondra Porkert
2nd. place - Zoltán Strcuľa
3rd. place - Tomáš Císař

The G-shock Best Trick - Ondra Porkert
The Sencor Best Trick - Zoltán Strcuľa


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