Horsefeathers Praděd cruisin´

2019-10-10 | Horsefeathers

Cruising with the crew is always fun. So, we took the boys to our local hill to have some fun on the side-hits, snake runs and bombing down the woods. It was a good “back to the roots” trip!

Seeing Halldor, Eiki, Mans and the whole Horsefeathers crew cruising around was an unbelievable experience for the locals, but also for the boys.

Praděd has the perfect location, so there is enough snow till April and the hill is made for creative runs. As an old resort, Praděd has that unique feel, when you are staying deep in the mountains, where only a few things have changed in the past twenty years, that’s what we all love.

We spent five epic days out of “busy life”, just cruising around and having fun. As a bonus, we made an afterparty session in the local mini ramp at Vrbno pod Pradědem, that’s one of the best ramps we ever ride.

You know that these trips with crew are hard to describe by words, so better check the edit, the photos by @jarasijkaand if you want more, follow the hashtag #HFtripPraded for some behind the scene stuff.

We can only say at the end: It was a good one. Cheers!

Horsefeathers crew


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