2019-10-17 | Horsefeathers

When we were thinking about whom to create something special for this year's collection, one of the first names we thought was Lucas Beaufort.

This French artist, who comes from Cannes, is one of the world leaders in his field. His style is a Doodle art style and we are honoured that several of our products from this year’s collection are decorated with his great work. If you don’t know Lucas yet, you can meet him here.

Hello Lucas, we start our interview in a classic way, I ask you for your brief introduction.
My name is Lucas Beaufort, I’m a french dreamer, traveling the world to spread love and happiness.

Where are your beginnings of artistic creation and what inspired you to go in this direction? Environment, people, art styles?
I started too paint super late. I did my 1st drawing at 27 years old, it was out of the blue, I had no goals in my head, just wanted to express something. What pushes me to paint is definitely my love for skateboarding.

Method mag cover

Do you remember the moment, you finished your picture and you said, “Yeah, I like it! People might like this!”
I don’t remember it as I’m never satisfied, I always want to go deeper, it’s hard to be satisfied.

Do you have patterns that shaped your personality and creation?
The people that I meet everyday shape my life and my personality. I think painting is almost an excuse to connect with the world.

You often work with brands from the skateboard and snowboard scene. What was the incentive to go that way?

Same thing, painting is an excuse to connect with what I love. I love skateboarding and snowboarding so I had to build the bridge to connect.

What you prefer more? Skateboarding or snowboarding, or something else?

I started with skateboarding when I was 6. Skateboarding is NUMBER 1

When you look back, what work, project or cooperation are you are most satisfied with and even after a long time you really feel proud of?

I would say my documentary on skateboard magazine called Devoted. Took me 2 years to make it and the feeling was insane. I really want to make a new doc, really soon.

For some people, your works can be chaos, for others a great story. They are often very complicated and I am interested in your procedure in your work.

It’s all about a feeling and balance. When I start creating I have the idea in my head and I can’t stop, it’s inside me, I can’t control it !!!!

What do you prefer to paint on? Paper, canvas, stone, walls, something else?

Whatever, I love to create on anything possible.

We come to our cooperation. Here we find a long-sleeved t-shirt, a short-sleeved t-shirt, boxers, neckwarmer and socks. Can we find a message or story at the themes of these products?

Of course, there is always a message ! It’s all about love and having with each others.

Your current work and future plans. What are you planning on and what can we look forward to?

I’m working super hard on my second edition of THE ART CAMP in the south east of France. It will be end of June 2020. Check out the 1st edition

Lucas, thank you very much for your time and answers. Is there anything else you would like to say?

Stay focus and live the life you want to live !!!


HF x Lucas Beaufort Collabo


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