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2020-04-09 | Sara

Internet, music, food! Just a few the must-haves at home right now for our girls from the Girl Squad. How are Adriana, Kater, and Renata spending their time during quarantine? What are their essentials, daily routines, favorite people to spend their time with, and how the virus affected their plans? Read next "Stay Home With...", and get some more ideas!

S: Hello, girls! So how are you doing, and what's your opinion about all this happening right now?

Adriana: I am doing alright, but I can't say times were not better before :D When I look at this situation from my selfish point of view, I am sad because of all canceled trips. But when I look at it globally, maybe this human slap isn't that bad.

Kater: Bonjour, I am doing fine, and you? Well, my spring was all about traveling, for example, Georgia with Girl Squad, and so I am a bit disappointed that all of them were canceled. Also, I am a bit worried about the Czech economy after the government decisions, but otherwise not a biggie in my case. So besides that, I can't travel, play table games with my crew every weekend and snowboard, I have a lot do to, thanks, God.

Renata: Thank you for asking, I am doing just fine even I am a bit disappointed that snowboard season ended earlier as planned, and also my surfing plans during summer will have to be canceled. But health is important, and I am happy that my family is alright.

S: Yes, it is quite understandable that this is not fun for anybody... With who are you spending days at home?

With my boyfriend and two years old son :-)

Kater: I am spending time with my Mamacita Maharadža senior, with my playboy Karkys, and with Party Hudson Golem.

Renata: I am spending time with my family and boyfriend.

S: Guess, is it great that you are not alone :-) How does your basic day look like?

Pretty stereotypically for us. Because I have a child at home, I am always trying to come out with something to do. But it’s great that we can get out on the fresh air <3 We are playing in the morning, I cook, clean… Then we go out somewhere to nature, sleep, TV, and so on :-) Simply chill.

Kater: In my case, the weather decides for me. I am always checking forecasts ahead so I can plan my day. If the weather is nice, I wake up early and eat breakfast. I love huge, king breakfast. Then I check online life, mails, socials if everything runs as it supposes to. After grabbing my backpack, I and my crew go out!

Renata: My days look pretty the same. I wake up, do some short yoga to wake me up, eat breakfast. Then I usually read or watch snowboard&surf videos, and cook something good for lunch. I am trying to go out to nature every afternoon or for the run, or I pack my snowboard and hike somewhere up to the hills. Luckily, I live in a city surrounded by mountains, so nature is super close. Last hours of my day it is mostly yoga again or stretching, eating dinner, watching a movie, reading, or spending time with family...

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Girl Squad having fun in Bali

S: And since you don't sit much, any tips for "how to move at home and don't get square butt"?

Adriana: I am not afraid at all that my butt would become square :D We dance, jump on the bed, exercise, cleaning, cooking… I have so much to do and I run every day too.

Kater: Hm I don't I have anything special. I train mostly with my bodyweight and just go for a run before that. My Mamacita is my guru, she is a classified yoga teacher and I do yoga with her sometimes. But what comes to my mind is: play your favorite music out loud and dance, that's definitely a great way to don't have a square ass. I do it every day and your mood is much better. Then you can try a handstand hold or classic movements like pushups, squats, sit-ups, exercises for your butt...

Renata: For me, it is definitely yoga. I am changing styles and intensity, depends on my mood and energy. Also, I have at home the balance board and that makes me entertained pretty much too. But I can’t kick my ass to do some of those “home workouts”, so I rather go out for the run or skate.

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Girl Squad photo shooting in Bali

S: What about the TV and the online world? What programs and websites are your saviors these days?

Definitely Netflix, and Instagram is taking my time too :-)

Kater: I don't have a TV at home for a good 10 years and thanks to God for that. Also, I have not much time for the online world except for work I do there. But if it has to be something online, then definitely Netflix. I am watching Peaky (fuckin) Blinders right now and recommend Sex Education and Narcos - I love the agent Peña. And Spotify is for a piece of good music.

Renata: Old good Youtube works for me every time when I want to watch snowboard and surf videos. I can get stuck there for 2-3 hours without a problem.

S: And your 5 "must-have" things to have at home now?

Alcohol… haha, no just joking. Walking in nature, internet, music, movement, and food :-D

Kater: Computer - for work, hiking shoes - for outside, music = good mood, food - because of existence, and my crew <3

Renata: I wouldn’t survive without books, computer, yoga mat, blanket, and warm socks.

S: I would pretty much agree with you girls, let's ask you a few quick questions:

Three favorite books?

Thousand splendid suns, And the Mountains Echoed, Dragon Hunter by Khaled Hosseini.

Kater: Anna Karenina, Monk who sold his Ferrari, Flowers at home - for all inside flower freaks on the planet Czech and Slovakia.

Renata: Haruki Murakami - Norwegian wood, Francis Scott Fitzgerald - Great Gatsby, William Finnegan - Barbarian days (A surfing life)

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Books recommended to read by Girl Squad

Favorite movie ever?

I don’t have only one but for example Mr. Nobody.

Kater: I can't decide between Eat, Pray, Love or Wild.

Renata: Forrest Gump and Into The Wild.

Best rider/ girl rider ever?

Adriana: Klaudia Medlová :-)

Kater: I always loved Torah Bright. I like Klaudia Medlová, Kjersti Buaas, and Kelia Moniz in waves.

Renata: From women, it is for sure our Slovak queen of snowboarding Klaudia Medlová, from guys killer Halldór Helgason.

Favorite snowboard movie?

Adriana: Into the mind.

Kater: Snowporning (all of them) by Karkys, of course. Available online on Youtube.

Renata: We ride - about the history of snowboarding and then The Art of Flight. Still having goosebumps when watching it.

Meal you love to cook at home?

Salad :D But really I like to cook everything and almost never cook the same thing twice because the meal comes with my accurate mood and taste :) But if, then it is Tom Yum with prawns.

Kater: Quarantine made me a housewife. So I bake Banana Bread Pitt once a week.

Renata: Vegetarian burgers. Even I like them, even more, when somebody else cooks them for me, but I like to eat them at home the most.

Meditation, yay or nay?

Nay :-D I don’t do meditation much even I know I should, haha.

Kater: Yay!

Renata: Yay! I do meditation with yoga, and mindfulness is what I am trying to practice now.

Instagram profile worth following?

Mine - @adriazia :-D I have a lot of favorite ones, so I cannot say which one is the best, but I like @emefka_official (note: only in the Slovak language) and I am having a lot of fun.

Kater: Of course, @kater_maharadza - I think she is kinda funny and a bit soulful, otherwise it is a mountain "goatie".

Renata: Kate Ediger - @shrediger. Very inspiring and positive minded rider, which works as a snowboard guide, skates, surfs and is also raising a small shredder.

S: Since you are one of our models for our collections, tell me three of your favorite pieces from Spring/Summer collection 2020?

That will be hoddie Geri, tank top Cheryl and Akira jacket.

Kater: Definitely, Akira jacket, Geri hoodie, and Blade top.

Renata: For me, it is spring jacket Akira, cozy hoodie Geri and Astrid dress for the summer.

S: Girls, thank you for your answers. Anything to say in the end to our fans?

Adriana: Love & Peace :-)

Kater: Turn off your online world, transplant flowers, and dance. Ah, and play table games. Buy Exploding kittens games, it's the best.

Renata: With a positive view, energy and humor everything is easier. Quarantine included.

Thank you Girl Squad a.k.a. Adriana, Kater, and Renata! And I hope your time in quarantine will be just flowing smoothly until this madness is over. Anyway, all of you guys, enjoy the Easter time with those around you, and as always, stay safe and home!


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