Maintaning your clothing, from a technical outerwear jacket to a basic t-shirt, has a huge impact on how long your gear lasts. It´s not as simple as dumping the clothing in the washing maschine and pressing start. If you follow the care instructions below, not only will your stuff last longer, it will look better too!

Waterproof fabrics should be washed with special care. Following some basic rules will greatly extend the life of your outerwear.

  • Wash by hand in lukewarm water whenever possible.
  • If not possible, wash the clothes separately in the washing machine at low temperature using the gentle cycle.
  • Never use strong detergents, detergents with bleach, softeners or other chemicals. These will negatively affect the waterproofness and breathability of the membrane and also dissolve the DWR coating.
  • The best method is to use special detergents which do not affect the waterproofness and breathability of the membrane and may slightly re-condition the waterproofing. These detergents are also suitable for washing sleeping bags and other functional clothing.

When washing cotton and cotton based fabrics the following rules apply:

  • Only wash with the same or similar colors.
  • Always follow the wash and care instructions on the cleaning care label.
  • Always wash at the recommended water temperature.
  • Wash sweaty clothing as soon as possible. Sweat is a very aggressive substance that can have adverse effect on clothing, especially on colored items.
  • Never dry colored clothing in direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the color of your item causing irreversible color change.
  • Do not use toxic detergents or bleaching agents to remove stains as they may irreversibly damage clothing. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for such damage. Always use safe detergents.

Take care when drying your clothing. If a dryer is to be used please follow the care instructions on the cleaning care label. When drying your clothing outdoors please avoid drying colored clothing in direct sunlight. Be aware that white clothing will become even whiter.

When ironing, please refer to the care instructions label again. Use the appropriate heat temperature. If the temperature is too high it can melt polymers, the main component of prints and plastic labels.

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