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Ilya Baskakov

Ilya Baskakov

Alter  20
Land  Russland
Heimatort  Magnitogorsk
Konfiguration  Joint snowboard

Erzähl uns Ilya...

Three words to describe what snowboarding is for you?

More than life

Five craziest things you did on your board?

Once I rode the rock where sparks were flying. Really big jumps are crazy for me.

Thing you would never do to your board?

I would never give up snowboarding.

Three most used words while riding?

Yeah man
Come on!

Your biggest crash?

I broke my board in two part when I did double backflip!
But nevertheless, falls are normal when you are trying new tricks.

If you could choose in whatever snowboard movie you have your part, what would it be?

Isenseven / ShredBots / Burton 13

Riders you admire?

Creative Eiki Helgason / style Sven Thorgren, but most of all for me it´s young killa Marcus Kleveland and also my coach Zinoviev Vyacheslav

Sometimes you call your snowboard?

My baby or my horse :)