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Kasper de Zoete

Kasper de Zoete

Alter  21
Land  Niederlande
Heimatort  Zoeterwoude
Konfiguration  Lobster snowboards and some sexy switchback bindings

Erzähl uns Kasper...

Three words to describe what snowboarding is for you?

Best shit ever.

Five craziest things you did on your board?

Probably a backside 270 in through a downflatdown rail.

Thing you would never do to your board?

Sharpen it’s edges haha.

Three most used words while riding?

woohoo (if that’s a word).

Your biggest crash?

pfff I’ve done so many bad ones.. probably that one time that I tried to fs board sameway 270 some little fence but didn’t see the metal bar at eyelevel that was coming for me. When I jumped of the fence I smashed my forehead straight intro a sharp metal pipe, it started bleeding straight away. I still have a scar on my forehead now.

If you could choose in whatever snowboard movie you have your part, what would it be?

Tough questions, there is so many sick movie productions these days. Nike Never Not was one of my favorite video’s to watch when I was younger. Also all the Postland films are so sick, but then again the Sexual Snowboarding movies really shaped me as well. But maybe Crazy Loco is still my all time favorite although I wouldn’t know how you can have a part in there since it’s Jed Anderson movie with no actual parts haha.

Riders you admire?

Sooooo many! Just to name a few: Tommy Gesme, Jed Anderson, Wessel van Lierop, Kas Lemmens, Cees Wille, the Helgasons and Toni Kerkelä

Sometimes you call your snowboard?

My board