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Deck NTL movie belt - 000037

I broke my board whilst we were filming for the „Never too late movie“ with Czech production – One of the spot was in Karlovy Vary, where I tried a grind fs 270 out of the rail to blind bs 180 drop down. I did a few easy tries and than I decide to send it. I was finishing my 270 when I realized I travelled too far and I can do nothing else than try not to kill myself. It didn´t work well I was only able to put my board in front of me and than I just parked myself into the garage, haha. Just check out the video and you´ll see. I´m glad that I walked out from this crash just with a broken board.

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• One of a kind product
• 100% hand-made
• Engraved serial number
• Genuine leather strap
• Embossed logo on strap
• Custom metal snaps
• Lifetime warranty
• Limited pieces

LENGTH: 120 cm without buckle
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Made in CZ

We proudly produce this product in Czech Republic.


This unique product deserve the unique care. And so you can count with lifetime warranty on this product.


This product was made in local handicraft workshops.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather.

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