UltraTech is a range of high-quality materials developed in collaboration with leading Taiwanese manufacturers who specialize in technical fabrics and yarns. Designed to maximize performance across diverse conditions, UltraTech fabrics are manufactured in fully controlled facilities, using advanced processes: The technical outer shell is laminated with a fully waterproof and breathable membrane, then treated with a water repellent DWR film. This process guarantees a high-performance fabric that is rugged and robust.

DWR - Durable Water Repellent coating, as the name suggests, is hydrophobic. It repels water, causing it to ‘bead up’ on the outer surface and stops it from penetrating the outermost layer. When melting snow cannot penetrate the outer surface of the fabric and saturate inner layers, breathability remains high, weight remains low and performance is not compromised.


Zippers from YKK are synonymous with high quality and reliability. These extremely durable, easy to use, high-quality zippers are currently the global leader for performance outerwear applications. Being smooth to operate and with less of a tendency to catch, or malfunction. Thanks to these properties can be easily operated using one hand in even the coldest conditions. We use only YKK in every piece of outerwear on every line in our range.  YKK is the current global leader producing more than 7 billion zippers a year.


We proudly produce most of our streetwear and accessories in European factories. Over the years we have established long-term partnerships based on high quality and continuous development. 


The strongest and most reliable threads ever manufactured. Coats have been manufacturing threads for over 250 years. This experience means that their thread range is the result of decades of innovation and constant improvement and is known worldwide for being of the highest quality and incorporating many patented technologies. This results in some of the strongest and most reliable threads ever manufactured. 


The world’s best down alternative. Unlike traditional down insulation, which gets weighed down and loses much performance when wet, Primaloft is up to 96% air and thus retains its insulating properties even when saturated, as well as being more resistant to abrasion. 

This is the ultimate hi-tech alternative to down insulation. Developed by the US military in the early 80s to provide their troops with reliable insulation layers featuring an unsurpassed warmth/weight ratio. Primaloft is now consistently used in sports applications where technical, high-performance materials are required.


30% increase in breathability / 100% of warmth retained / 93% recycled fibers

The unique Clo fibre construction with the Vivo concept maximizes breathability and thermal comfort. The Clo® Insulation product range provides the perfect balance between breathability and warmth maximizing product performance. Vivo increases the breathability of the insulation by up to 30%.

This insulation is manufactured using a mixture of fibres including a very high percentage of unique Clo‑i fibres to enhance breathability and warmth. In addition to the unique selection and balance of fibres, the special insulation is put through a process which heats and seals the insulation on both sides. Vivo is a concept where a series of tiny apertures are set within the insulation to enhance the breathability without losing thermal performance. The holes are small enough to trap the air in order to maintain the insulation properties. Apertures set in Vivo’s unique design allow moisture to move away from the body unimpeded, while simultaneously trapping air and so enhancing warmth and comfort through high breathability. Clo Insulation focuses on performance and ecology by utilising Eco fibres recycled from plastic bottles.


Our PET insulation is made of PET resin and comprises of thin compressible fibers. The space between these microfibers is filled with air that provides superior warmth without bulk and retains heat effectively even when wet. Our insulation dries fast, is very durable, with exceptional down-like softness, outstanding breathability, and excellent recovery ability after compression. These properties make it excellent for outerwear. Additional advantages of PET are that it is recyclable and lightweight. 


On our highest ATP line jacket and Tyler's Signature jacket, we use a unique solution for the main pocket flaps. The flap closure of the main pockets zippers has magnet feature in, that you will appreciate especially when wearing gloves.


We developed the Lift-leg system as a requirement of Tyler Chorlton, who likes to wear regular fitted pants, which mostly gets destroyed the bottom part when walking. The Lift-leg system enables to lift off the back-bottom part of the pants, so there are no more destroyed bottom parts of the pants.

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